Mengenal Saya

Thanks for visiting my blog. It’s such an honour to me, personally.

What can I share here? Yeahhh.. everything that came into my mind that I want to talk about with You (readers). Mostly it’s all about KNOWLEDGE, HOT ISSUES in economy/politic/life, PASSION, LOVE… and so forth

FYI, I would never tell who I am in this blog because… honestly… It makes me comfortable to talk everything when nobody knows who I really am (my identity). Am I a loser that always put myself behind or in hiding? … Aaaaaaaaaahh… I don’t care what people say as long as I am happy with it… and nobody hurts because of me 🙂

Here I am… live on earth in 21st century period, when Information Technology takes the main role to the life of human civilization. If I live 1 century before now, then I would never have any idea to share my thought like what I am doing now ho ho ho…

That’s why… whatever I am,  whoever I am, and however I am… I could only say “ALHAMDULILLAAH” to the Lord (Allah) who gives me life with his abundance…

And for you… thanks a lot for your kindness to spare your time to read until the dot.


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