Apa yang salah dengan KAPITALISME ?


Istilah ini sedang naik daun. Di koran, di TV, di perbincangan jagad maya… kata itu muncul dimana-mana dalam konteks hujatan.

What is so wrong with capitalism?

Currently I’m reading a book written by Dr. Noorena Hertz, titled “The Silent Takeover” – 2002.

I also have watched a documentary film directed by Michael Moore –  “Capitalism – a love story”.

And… the other book that be the must read is Marxisme by Karl Marx. I need to get to know deeper about these both “-ism” that due to our history, their followers againt each other.

I don’t think that capitalism or marxisme/communism are wrong or bad or even evils.  ISM is just a THOUGHT… but when it was adopted or implemented in the human civilization life system, there are so many variables that uncontrollable or might be left behind from the THOUGHT, then it spawned uncomfortable situation to the society itself. Still my hypothesis…!

Perhaps couple months ahead I’d discover more comprehensive understanding about these 2 ism


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